Sales Tracking & Planning – A Simple Macro Application

A Word About The Client

St. Maarten White Oil Services is a company that is currently in its growth phase having a steady customer base of no less than twenty – five commercial customers.  Their customers range across the service sector from restaurants to bakeries and Laundromats as well as other types of companies that deploy gas consuming appliances. The company also has a few domestic customers that use their product for cooking.  They are the first company of its kind to offer this competitive product on the island.

SMWOS has so far been successful in customer retention with customers heralding that they are a lot more satisfied with the product in comparison to that of other gas companies.  The company’s success factor lies in its 100% HD5 Propane gas that its customers are using.  A 100% high pressured gas that last longer than regular propane gas.  Because of the higher BTU content, the gas emits more energy causing it to last much longer and burns more efficiently and, because the gas lasts longer it produces less costs and expenditures on a company’s monthly income and expense statements.  When asked the reason for the company’s chosen name, the answer was that their product is less harmful to the environment.  SMWOS gains more customers at its pace regularly.

Xcel Business Solutions Approach

Even with a small yet sufficiently significant amount of customers, SMWOS needed a way to implement proper purchasing and sales planning in its early stage by paying keen attention to their customers’ buying habits.  In order for SMWOS to be able to do this, a simple customized macro was created to allow SMWOS to effortlessly log customer and sales information daily.  Each time SMWOS obtains a new customer, the company adds that customer’s details to their database using a customized dialog box; adding a new customer only needs to be done once.  Once the user selects a customer from the drop down list, the rest of their customer’s contact information is added to the spreadsheet via a macro eliminating the need to enter the customer’s contact information manually.

A sales summary is then generated on a separate worksheet by filling in the order details for each client above.  SMWOS can view a sales summary of all customers over a particular period, view total sales by customer over a given period and even generate a sales chart and report by the click of a button.

The benefit to the company is that they spend less time figuring out the best way to generate the information they need so that their small team of management can spend time on what is most important to their company which is customer acquisition and expansion.

SMWOS on the Xcel Business Solutions’ Application Macro

When asked directly about the advantage of the application macro offered by Xcel Business Solutions, the plant and operations manager replied that it definitely came in handy was very helpful.  For each client solution, Xcel Business Solutions does its best to live up to its mission of delivering value by making our clients’ business our business.

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