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About Conlan king
As Director of Innovation & Development at Caribonix, Conlan has contributed to growing Caribonix from idea stage to a technology and marketing leader. Starting out as a budding entrepreneur and web developer, Conlan continues to provide innovative insights to companies of all sizes. Under his supervision, the Caribonix team has successfully completed development projects of all sizes aimed at creating value for clients and maintaining the influence of a truly innovative company. On a personal level he is an individual with high expectations of leaving behind great value to our society.

Sales Tracking & Planning – A Simple Macro Application

A Word About The Client

St. Maarten White Oil Services is a company that is currently in its growth phase having a steady customer base of no less than twenty – five commercial customers.  Their customers range across the service sector from restaurants to bakeries and Laundromats as well as other types of companies that deploy gas consuming appliances. The company also has a few domestic customers that use their product for cooking.  They are the first company of its kind to offer this competitive product on the island.