Sales Tracking & Planning – A Simple Macro Application

A Word About The Client

St. Maarten White Oil Services is a company that is currently in its growth phase having a steady customer base of no less than twenty – five commercial customers.  Their customers range across the service sector from restaurants to bakeries and Laundromats as well as other types of companies that deploy gas consuming appliances. The company also has a few domestic customers that use their product for cooking.  They are the first company of its kind to offer this competitive product on the island.

Business & Simple Math

Microsoft Office sits on virtually every business computer as well as home computer. But for most, the art of using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet at a more intermediate level pass the basic formulas of SUM and AVERAGE is either a mystery or akin to a language from another galaxy.

A well put together spreadsheet can serve as more than just a document of rows and columns filled with text and numbers for tallying.