Who We Are

History in Brief

Starting in 2010, a small group of persons began requesting services in Business English Writing as well as Proposal Writing from the company owner; this continued for two years until a number of clients became regular with consistent requests.   In early 2014, the name Xcel Business Solutions was the name chosen by web site author and designer based on the work produced.  In addition, demand for the services continued to grow with more clients becoming familiar with the expertise of the company owner.

Company Expertise

Yet small in size, our company has four employees including three key personnel.   As a team of experts, we work together to deliver the results that our clients expect based on our best advice.  Based on our clients’ expectations we live up to our mission statement.

Our experts have learned experience in their specific field from around the world.  Our experts have been to Africa, The Caribbean, The Netherlands, the US, Scotland and England and collectively have studied two years or more in the areas of International Business &  Marketing Management, Accounting & Management, Financial Planning, Money & Investment Management.

We see to it that businesses are positioned to their advantage and always cognizant of the bottom line by ensuring that their marketing strategy is in sync with their financial objectives which also include keeping clients up to par with tax compliance and preparation of final accounts.  We are committed to providing our clients with quality service.

Clients & Work Profile

Our services are often applied to projects that require statistical research for business planning & reporting; proposal writing; business English writing, editing and electronic document management, and forecasting & financial planning.   For clients who require basic assistance in administration for the more advanced tasks of spreadsheet and data management for business decisions and sales monitoring, we offer basic macro solutions with application programming.  Our clients consist of small and medium sized as well as entrepreneurs.